Food adventures continue

Bakeshop1Though Tesco was a major find — the Target of Prague and a place to get everything from shampoo to laundry detergent to cheese– the Bakeshop was better in oh-so-many heartwarming ways.

Actually, what I stumbled across was the Bakeshop Little Bakery, referred to as the little sister of the larger one in Old Town, and this one’s right on my way home from the university. Walk out the back door of AAU, through the quiet, green park, and there it is.

After yesterday’s fiasco with the sour-cream-instead-of-yogurt for breakfast, it was time for some pleasant gastronomic surprises. The bread I chose — that hefty loaf right on the corner of his bowl — has a crusty outside and a very tender, moist, rosemary-sprinkled inside. (Two slices of that with cheese was a perfect lunch when I got back home.)

Although the croissants, pies and fruit-filled kolaczki were tempting and so was the aroma of the chocolate-orange brownies right in front of me while I paid, I settled for only two more things: a raisin oatmeal cookie (upper left of the photos)  and a spinach quiche (lower right). Those will be the dinner I’m planning to take to the park tonight.

Don’t worry — I’ll be back to this place…for more photos and of course more goodies to try. I’m afraid maybe the bigger sister might offer simply too many choices!


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