Controlling the iPhone addiction

Giving up my iPhone habit may be the toughest part of the trip to Prague. Sure, I won’t have to give it up entirely, but I can’t be snapping a photo of every meal, checking the Words With Friends leaderboard or frequently calling up the weather forecast and current temperature. And then what about food photos? (Yes, I’m one of those.)iPhone weather

Because the iPhone is locked – even the old ones – getting a Czech SIM card isn’t an option, though some of the students of our group are doing that. Buying or renting a cheap Czech phone seemed like a waste. So getting a moderately priced international plan for a month was the next best thing. I will have 30 minutes of calling, 200 text messages and 300 MB of data.

As someone who is grandfathered in for unlimited data, I had no clue what I used—I hadn’t had to worry about it before.

That’s where AT&T’s little data calculator came in handy. It let me input my smartphone usage.  I’m safe on the emails with attachments – not TOO many of those. Hours of streaming music. Nada. Hours of streaming video. Likewise. Apps/games/songs downloaded. No need for that. But, oh, the Web pages visited and … social media posts with photos. Ouch. That boosted the number.

If I ration myself and only post three photos a day, I should be able to make it. At first I thought that might be tough, but, in the meat-and-potatoes cuisine of the Czech Republic, I might not have as many dinner plates to capture.

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