Day 7: Expect the unexpected

Clad in medieval attire, a brass quartet serenades those at the Mala Strana end of the Charles Bridge.

Clad in medieval attire, a brass quartet serenades those at the Mala Strana end of the Charles Bridge.

Around every cobblestoned corner is something unique in Prague. Today’s a-HA moments included fireworks at 10 p.m. over the Vlatava River, Tiffany’s on a side street near the Jan Hus memorial and competing opera divas competing a few hundred yards apart on Charles Bridge.

Thus a brass quartet playing from 6 to 7 p.m. on the ramparts connecting the Judith Tower, built in 1188, to the newer bridge tower, built in 1464, wasn’t really that surprising. Because it was just opposite our windows, the concert was a good way to relax before dinner.

Music is and apparently has been everywhere in the Czech Republic. According to Radio Prague, the region’s music in the Middle Ages includes the spiritual songs of Master Jan Hus, sort of an earlier Martin Luther, who is said to be the composer of a number of hymns for Mass, Vespers plus other martial and spiritual songs. Other noted Czech composers include Antonio Rosetti, Antonín Dvořák and Gustav Mahler.

And Prague celebrates good music with daily live performances in churches and concert halls all over the city, from large venues like Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle for 1050czk (about $55) and the Municipal House for 1300czk ($68) to Saint Nicholas Church in Old Town Square for $350czk (less than $20). The Prague Experience website had online tickets for more than 20 concerts today.

One of those concerts wasn’t on tonight’s agenda — caramel gelato was — , but it just may be in the future — a chance for another musical surprise in Prague.

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